Aztec Puzzle:
Truly unique puzzle game from the developer of Mayan Puzzle with over one million downloads worldwide. Discover the Aztec world divided into 4 basic elements - water, fire, earth and air. At each level you need to help Aztec tribe in their challenging mission and direct elements to the destinations.

The first levels may seem to be a piece of cake but don't be deceived - you will really need to make an effort to solve them all. In case you need help there are hints for each level. If you strive for perfection you can try to achieve "perfect score" at each level.
The game features:
  • 72 levels divided into 4 elements (water, fire, earth and air)
  • Up to 4 different paths in the most difficult levels
  • Superb Aztec theme animated graphics
  • 24 minutes of original Aztec soundtrack
  • 43 achievements and online leader boards
  • Hints available for each level
  • Pure mode if you don't want to be distracted